Consistent waves

Meet at the Asilomar Conference Grounds “Crosswalk” near 1870 Sunset Dr. in Pacific Grove.

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There are few surfing spots around Monterey as popular as Asilomar Beach. The consistent waves and wind bring surfers here on a daily basis. But surfers aren’t the only ones in the water: with plenty of wildlife in the area, you’re bound to also see kayakers dot the water, looking to get an up-close look at a wide range of marine creatures. Connected to Spanish Bay (to the south) there are 5, yes count ’em, FIVE, different places to catch different variations of waves at this picturesque location. Roadside, Middles, Reefs, Spanish Bay North Side, and Spanish Bay South Side. Be forewarned: the conditions can change rapidly so this beach must be respected; our instructors know when it’s safe to go out and when it’s not.