South end of Carmel Beach (consistent, rideable small waves for beginners)

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At the foot of Ocean Avenue, Carmel Beach is one of the most iconic spots on California’s Central Coast and is rated “One of America’s Top Beach Towns.” From morning to night Carmel Beach attracts visitors and locals alike to take in the majestic scenery and fun activities. For surfers, the view from the water is stunning; Point Lobos to the South and Pebble Beach to the north with crystal clear water which adds to the ambiance of an incredible ride. The beach to surf is significantly affected by tide, wave duration, sand bar formation and swell direction. The wave and water conditions can change rapidly so trust our instructors and our safety first intuition. Carmel Beach is surfed by locals and visitors alike, but please remember proper surf etiquette (if you don’t know what surfer etiquette is, please ask!), don’t jump the line, instead hang on the outside until the feel and mood has been established then jump in, the water’s fine — (cold) but fine. A wetsuit is a must if you plan to remain in the water for any length of time as the water hovers at a cool 50 degrees. Lucky for you Big Surf provides our student with the best suits money can buy. Lessons can be held along the entire length of the beach and your instructor will inform you where to meet before the lesson.