How long are lessons?

Our regular surf lessons are a minimum of 2 hours long. Master classes are 3 hours. Sometimes our instructors will add extra time depending on conditions and at their discretion.

How often do you teach?

We teach every day. Sur-Fit classes are starting once a month and will become more frequent based on demand.

Do I need to worry about sharks?

While there are sharks in the Pacific, being attacked by a shark is not something you should worry about. Our instructors don’t take students very far from shore and we surf in areas known to be safer. To give you perspective there have only been 2 shark attacks on surfers in the monterey area in the last 30 years, only one resulted in injuries, neither was life threatening.

How cold is the water?

The frigid water temperature range between 52.2 Feigheit / 10.4 Celsius (min) – 59.5 Feighteit / 15.9 Celsius (max) during the year. BIG SURF is the only surf school in the area to use 5mm/4mm thickness wetsuits, trust that you will get cold if you don’t have a good wetsuit.

After I take a lesson, where should I go to buy equipment?

All of our students are eligible to purchase boards and wetsuits through this surf school. When we order things in bulk we are able to save hundreds of dollars with discounts of 25-50% off from manufacturers. Contact us HERE so we can add request to the order list. Otherwise we suggest going to the local surf shop to get a wetsuit and board.

Can I take a lesson if I don’t know how to swim, or have never been out in the ocean?

Yes, but please remind the instructor of these facts in case they forget to ask. We train our instructors to give students a gentle introduction to the ocean if it’s their first time. We want students to feel safe and comfortable enjoying the ocean, so they can relax focus on mastering surfing.

When is the best time of year to take a lesson?

Typically students like to take summer lessons. Conditions vary day-to-day but the summertime usually brings small waves and slightly warmer water. But don’t let that dissuade you from signing up during the winter, that’s usually when the waves get their best!

What do I need to bring with me to my lesson?

Students will only need a swimsuit to wear under the wetsuit and a towel. If you have glasses they will fall off in the water during the lesson, so we recommend using contacts instead. Any additional items can be left locked up in our vehicle during the lesson.

What is your cancelation policy?

Please remember we have a 24hr cancelation policy because our instructors plan their days around lessons, we must receive a cancellation notice 24hrs in advance in order to issue a full refund.